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“When Life Intervenes, An IA Summit Podcast Preview”

Samantha Bailey, the 2009 IA Summit Chair, talks about her approach to this year’s IA Summit, how the Summit community has changed, and what it means to be a part of this community of practice. March 31, 2009

“Finding Gold in the User Interface”
by Frannie Hannigan Thomson West Intranet

This article discussed the way that eye-tracking studies conducted by the UX team at Westlaw led to a 10% jump in revenue from one of its features, generating $4M in additional revenue. May 2007

“Unraveling the mysteries of metadata and taxonomies”
by Christina Wodtke, Boxes & Arrows

Recently Boxes and Arrows caught up with Samantha Bailey, formerly at Argus and current lead IA for Wachovia Corporation's website. She talks about the transition from being a consultant to an "innie" IA, unravels the mysteries of metadata and taxonomies and shares her vision of the future of IA. April, 2002

“A Better Way To Float Your Resume”
Business Week

Article about the challenges of linking specialized job hunters with employers seeking their unique skills via the Internet. Quotes Samantha Bailey regarding her experiences as VP of Operations at Argus Associates. October 2000

“Information Architect: A Title that Means Four or Five Different Things.”

Samantha Bailey discusses IA as a career choice in an article about the rapid growth of the information architecture field. October 2000.


“Usability Immersion”

Invited presenter: Day-long professional development workshop presented to the Kent State University IT department’s management staff. Canton, OH; November 2012.

“UX Case Studies.”

Guest Lecture: Kent State University Information Architecture & Knowledge Management program. Kent, OH; October 2007.

“Web 2.0: Beyond the Hype.”

Guest Speaker: Usability Professionals Association Monthly Meeting, Minneapolis MN; February 2006.

“Information Architecture Primer for Project Managers.”

Guest Lecture: Minneapolis College of Art & Design, Minneaplis, MN; October 2005, October 2006.

“Information Architecture Practice in Corporate and Consulting Settings.”

Guest Lecture: School of Information & Library Science, UNC Chapel Hill; May, 2004.

“Innies, Outies and Other Tales from the Trenches.”

EM Fest, a Regional Electronic Media Festival, Winthrop University, Rock Hill, SC; February, 2004.

“Rebuilding Trust in the User Centered Design process through the Redesign of the Investing Center.”

ASIST IA Summit, Austin, TX; February, 2004.

“ Redesign. Merging the First Union National Bank and Wachovia websites.”

Case Study: ASIST IA Summit, Portland, OR; March, 2003.

“Business Context of the Information Architecture in Content Management Systems.”

Panelist: ASIST IA Summit, Baltimore, MD; March, 2002.

“CV, Taxonomy, Thesauri.”

Presentation for Symmetri, a web design firm based in Greensboro, NC; February, 2002.

“Developing A Strategy for Information Architecture & Taxonomy.”

Knowledge Managed with Taxonomies Conference, London, UK; January, 2002.

“Information Architecture at the Cross-Roads of Corporate Consulting & Library Science.”

University of Delaware, New Media Initiative Group; March, 2001.

“Synonyms & Taxonomies: Thesaurus Design for Information Architects.”
Morville, P and Bailey, S.

Presented at: IA2000 annual conference, La Jolla, California, October, 2000, New York, New York, January, 2001 and in conjunction with the ASIS&T Practicing Information Architecture Summit, San Francisco, California; February, 2001.

“Web Indexing: A Corporate Perspective.”
Bailey, S. and Hagedorn, K.

Presented at the American Society of Indexers annual conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico; May, 2000.

“Information Architecture.”
Bailey, S.

University of Indiana Graduate School of Library and Information Studies. Bloomington, IN; March 2000.

Guest Lecturer, Information Architecture Course
Bailey, S.

University of Michigan School of Information. Ann Arbor, MI, September & October, 1999.

“Information Architecture for the Web.”
Morville, P. and Bailey, S.

A full-day workshop presented at User Interface Engineering's annual conferences: UIE 2000 (Boston, MA; October, 1999) and UIE 2000 West (San Francisco, CA; April, 2000)

“Web Site Architecture.”
Morville, P. and Bailey, S.

Spring Internet World '98. Los Angeles; March 1998.

“Designing Navigation Systems.”
Morville, P. and Bailey, S.

Spring Internet World '98. Los Angeles; March 1998.

“Web Site Architecture.”
Rosenfeld, L. and Bailey, S.

Internet World Summer '97, Chicago; July 1997.


“Keeping Pace with Change”

(Intuitect Product Review) Boxes & Arrows; January 15 2007

“Do You Need a Taxonomy Strategy?”

Article in Knowledge Management Magazine; February 2002

“Web Architect”
Bailey, S.

Guest columnist for Web Review magazine; 1997, Songline Studios, Sebastopol, CA. Web Architect was a column in Songline Studio's Web Review magazine from 1995 to 1999. These articles were recovered using the Wayback Machine. Many links are broken as the publication is now defunct.

“Youth, the Internet and Library Policy.”
Bailey, S., Parker, J., and Schmiedicke, M.

Printed as the Internet chapter in Connecting Young Adults and Libraries by Patrick Jones. Neal-Schuman, New York, NY: 1998. pp 333-342.

“Making Web Space for Young Adults: Issues and Process.”
Bailey, S. and Ryan, S.

Paper presented at the Internet Society's annual conference, INET '96, Montreal, Canada; 6/96.


Advanced Information Architecture Fall 2013
Graduate level course developed as an asynchronous online course and taught in the Information Architecture & Knowledge Management program at Kent State University

In completing this course students will: Understand where and how IA fits in the broader user experience design and software development process, with particular attention given to Agile and Lean UX. Understand an array of processes, methods, and techniques critical to effective information architecture design and evaluation. Be able to confidently tackle information architecture design challenges. Have the skills to document and communicate your IA work to stakeholders and multidisciplinary team members.

User & Task AnalysisSpring 2008, Fall 2009, Spring 2012
Graduate level course taught in the Information Architecture & Knowledge Management course at Kent State University

This course provides an introduction to several standard research methods used in the course of user-centered interface design projects, including user profiling, interviewing, diary studies, task analysis, and contextual inquiry/field studies. Topics cover a variety of research methods, practical instruction on applying these methods, instruction regarding how to analyze, prioritize and present research findings and then how to apply these findings to successful interface design prototypes.


Contributing technical editor for Ambient Findability
by Peter Morville

O'Reilly Media, Sebastapol CA: 2005

Contributing technical editor for Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, 2nd ed.
by Louis Rosenfeld and Peter Morville

O'Reilly & Associates, Sebastapol, CA: 2002

Technical Editor for Information Architecture: Blueprints for the Web
by Christina Wodtke

New Riders Press, Indianapolis IN: 2002